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Welcome AT STIS

12.10 Diposting oleh riezea
Welcome At STIS 
High School Science Statistics (STIS) is a university service IV-D program, which is managed by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) since 1958, called for young people Indonesia general secondary school graduates to be trained statistician.

STIS holding a vision into institutions of higher education service is working to develop and disseminate knowledge, especially in the field of statistics and statistical computing to educate cadres who have academic / professional. Thus, graduates of the STIS is capable of planning and conducting research, doing the analysis in the field of socio-economic development and to plan and develop information systems. 

The curriculum is made in accordance with the development of knowledge economy, population, social, and information technology. The process and methods of learning are emphasized in the development of skills in the field of statistics and statistical computing. STIS has two departments: Department of Statistics (Economic and Social-residence) and the Department of Statistical Computing. 

Statistics experts generate economic statistics and social statistics experts-residence, and the Statistics Department of Computing experts computing and information systems. Lecturers come from graduates of universities in and outside the country level with the S2 and S3. STIS graduates get a degree Bachelor Applied Science (SST).

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