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Descriptive Statistics

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Descriptive Statistics..Descriptive statistics is part of the science of statistics, which only process, presents the data without making a decision for the population. In other words, only to see the general description of the data obtained. Iqbal Hasan (2004:185) explains: Analysis is a form of descriptive analysis of research data to generalize the results of research based on one sample. Descriptive analysis was conducted with the test hypothetical descriptive. 

Whether the results of the analysis is hypothetical research can generalization or not. If the hypothetical zero (H0) is received, the results of research can generalization. This descriptive analysis using one or more variable, but are independent, by the curry is not analysis or comparison-shaped relationship. 

Iqbal Hasan (2001:7) explains: descriptive statistics or statistical deductive is part of a statistical study of data gathering and presentation of data so that young to understand. Descriptive statistic only related to decipher it or give particulars of the data or a situation or phenomenon. With descriptive statistical functions explain the situation, symptoms, or problems. 

Withdrawal of statistical conclusions on the descriptive (if any) is only aimed at the collection of the data. Based on the scope bahasannya descriptive statistics include: 

1. Distribution and its part-frequency portion, such as: a. Graphic distibusi (histogram, frequency polygon, and ogif) b. The size of the center value (average, median, mode, kuartil and so forth); c. Size stupid (range, average deviation, variation, standard deviation, and sebagianya); d. Slant and fineness kurva 

2. Index number 

3. Times series / progression of time or periodic 

4. Simple correlation and regression 

Bambang Suryoatmono (2004:18) states  Descriptive statistics is the use of data on a group to explain or interesting conclusion about the groups that Size Location: mode, mean, median, etc. Size variability: varians, standard deviation, range, etc. Form Size: skewness, kurtosis, box plot.

Pangestu Subagyo (2003:1) states: The definition is descriptive statistics as the statistics about the data collection, presentation, determining the values of statistics, making diagram or something about the image, here the data presented in the form of a more easily understood or read. Sudjana (1996:7) explains: Phase statistics which depict or just try analyse groups provided without creating or interesting conclusions about the population or a larger group called descriptive statistics.

statistics is always use for many things. as the statisticians, holding to statistic principium is  ca not bargain at all.

let's make statistics for the better life. 

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