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22.11 Diposting oleh riezea

now we will study about sampling. sampling is one of the study, the knowledge learned in statistics . Sampling is used in research that would become an important part on it, For those who already don't know what sampling is just keep read and let's we return to basic first.

a. Basic sampling

Sampling in some terms that are frequently used and related to the estimation, as follows:

1. Elements: the unit used to get information.
2. Observation units: the unit where the information obtained either directly or
not directly.
3. Sampling Unit: the unit used in the basic sampling
4. Unit list: the list that is used as a sampling basis.
5. Sample framework: the collection of all units in the population as a basis
for sampling

b. Sampling method

Sampling method frequently used two types of Probability Sampling and Non-Probability Sampling.

1. Probability Sampling
Probability Sampling is a method of selecting a sample of the population using the rule-rule probability
Example: SRS, systematic, Stratified, Cluster, PPS, Multistage, Multiphase

2. Non-Probability Sampling
Non-Probability Sampling is a method of selecting a sample of the population does not use the rule-rule probability
Example: Convinience, judgment, Quota, Snowball

In the sampling method includes how to withdraw the sample is divide by three, namely:
1. Simple Random Sampling (SRS)
2. Probability Proportional to Size (PPS)
3. Systematic (systematic)

it's enough for the introducing sampling. Next day, I will continue with the next chapter. So, do not miss it

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