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Validity in Research

13.08 Diposting oleh zea

Validity in Research... In research conducted, the test is usually done on the validity and reliability study early to measure an instrument of research before going to the actual research. Here I will explain a little about the validity Validity shows the extent to which a gauge that measures what you want measured. Suppose we want to measure the body high, we may not measure it wearing body weight.

This is not valid because it is said to measure with high measure tool that is the higher body. A valid instrument that will have a high validity, the instrument (the questionnaire), which means less valid have a low validity. To test the validity level, researchers usually try instruments on testing instruments. 

Things to consider in determining the subject of many trials, including: 

1. availability will be subject to the target; 

2. unit of analysis is taken; 

3. ability of researchers in the case of time and funds; 

4. level of difficulty in the implementation. 

The number of trials is relatively subject, there is no rule that, only about 25-40 are a number of which already allows the implementation and analysis. There are differences of opinion on the subject which the trial is taken. When the subject should enable the pilot was taken from a population that will not be later research. 

But if not possible can take outside the terms of population with characteristics of the population taken as a pilot project for the same object or almost the same as the characteristics of the population will be examined. In addition there are two opinions pro and contra on the use of testing data. Opinion that states that if the pro trials using subjects drawn from the population, and the (valid), it may be added as research data. 

However, the contra opinion states, the data collected in the trial should not be mixed with the research data. In general there are two types of validity, namely: 


This means the validity achieved when the resulting data from instruments in accordance with the data or other information about the research is variable. Example value Mathematics test results corelated to elementary school students with the highest student evaluation reports were distributed. Student evaluation reports were distributed so the value is used as a measure. 


This means if there is validity to achieve conformity among parts of the instrument with the instrument as a whole. Validity-grain, an instrument that is said to have high validity when the grain is formed instruments not deviate from the instrument -Validity of factors, namely an instrument said to have a high validity if the factors that are part of the instruments does not deviate from the instrument.

In general, the steps made in the validity of the test is as follows: Calculate the correlation of each particle (items) with a total score (corrected item-total correlation). Comparing the value of the table with the correlation with the level of significance r รก degree and free N-2. Decision making If the results of r> r table, the item is valid If the results r Yes, that's the saying that the validity, I remember once again that the validity of which is measuring tool to measure what you want in the measure. 

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